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Our Mission

Our mission is simple, yet ambitious: to give a person (refugees, immigrants, and displaced persons) an avenue to tell their story, give people a platform to explore and listen to these stories, and to give these stories a breathe of fresh air in the form of digital media. We accomplish our vision by utilizing media and technology to branch out these stories to audience members otherwise left in the dark about the struggles and successes of refugees and immigrants. 

This project was started through an undergraduate honors thesis by the websites founder, Austin Perrotti, and extended through his Fulbright Scholarship to the UK in the form of the "Film The World" campaign. During his time abroad, Austin and his team hope to bridge the gap left by air and sea and share these stories over through the internet in the form of film, photography, and personal written and oral testimonies.

During the chaotic and hectic divisiveness of politics and interpersonal beliefs, it is often lost who we are at out core:humans. And as humans, we have unique experiences that transcend these immediate differences, and show us that we are more alike than different. Our impact on the global community is one we hope will leave a positive footprint in the world.


“If you cannot read the beautiful things that have happened in someone's life, why should you care about their sadness?”

— Chris Cleave, Little Bee


As a team, we will know if our mission was successful by one simple, yet important measure--if we have helped even one person in just one way, then we can indefinitely call this project a success. Along the way, we hope to open hearts, change minds, and bring together communities to foster positive dialogue and discourse surrounding the struggles and successes of refugees, migrants, and displaced persons. We hope you will join us along the way as we aim to bring these tales out of obscurity and front and center.