Our Impact

In a world where 20 people are forcibly displaced from their homes every minute, it is of the utmost imperative we all strive to make a lasting difference in our communities and in our world. While the numbers are startling, our impact at the "Film The World" hopes to bring others into the know and encourage our viewers and audiences to act with conviction. To put numbers on the story, consider the following graph: more hearty numbers and details can be found here: The UN Refugee Agency Statistics.

UNHCR Stats.png

These daunting numbers further show the necessity of acting now and ensuring we can all make a difference. While it is understandable to consider how a small donation or hour of time can make even an impact or difference, please know that even the smallest contribution makes a large impact. Typically, refugees are easy political targets due to their lack of political power and monetary pull. As such, resources for helping tends to be either very minimal, or completely non-existent. Due to this being the case, it is for this precise reason why your contribution in the form of money, volunteering, or sharing of strories, makes a firm and lasting impact on your community, world, and fellow citizens.


If the stories and details shared here encourage you to act or contribute to our cause, please see the tabs below for how you can make a difference. We are always happy to work with you and your strengths and limitations to find a mutually beneficial way to leave an impact onto the world.