Our Mission:


We give people a chance to tell their story--to the world.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to give a person an avenue to tell their story, give people a platform to explore and listen to these stories, and to give these stories a breathe of fresh air in the form of digital media. 

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Our Impact

Our project offers people the unique opportunity to connect and experience the stories and struggles of people from several parts of the world. While each story is unique and personal, narratives are often lost when people migrate. Film The World aims to alleviate this gap between the storyteller and audience. Our goal is to reach 10,000 views for our content by the end of the next academic calendar year (2018-2019). 



Countless Dollars Raised

Your donations will go directly to assisting displaced persons and families and ensuring their stories are heard through our website. We never profit of donations and are committing to putting 100% of what we receive directly back to helping our global community.



Year of Serving communities

While Film The World is still in its infancy, its impact has been global and far reaching. We have reached audiences in all four corners of the globe.



Thousands of people Impacted

The stories shared here impact people for one reason: they are honest, true, and real. This gives our audiences a visceral, surreal experience unlike any other.


Our Programs

Currently, we are in the works of establishing community outreach programs associated with Film The World. While we are in the planning phases of our next actiion steps, we are always open for suggestions from our audience and viewers. If you have a program or idea you believe appropriately aligns with Film The World's Mission, then please submit a request in the form of an email underneath the box below.


Written Stories and Testimonies

One unique feature of Film The World is the audience submitted stories and experiences we publish on our site. This allows us to connect our storytellers and audience members directly affected and impacted from our work.


A picture tells a thousand words. Sometimes the best experiences of life are those that come in the form of a snapshot. One still frame can tell so much, which is why we include numerous photos on our website.

Stories in the form of film

Stories tell a narrative, and film allows this narrative to unwrap itself into a complex, personal, and deep experience. We are focused on bringing these experiences directly to the world and communities we serve.

Word of mouth

While Film The World prides itself on being a platform for storytelling, we understand that not all stories will make their way to our website. This is why it is integral to continue the storytelling post Film The World.




“Recognize yourself in he and she who are not like you and me.”

Carlos Fuentes / More About Carlos Fuentes



Get Involved

Film The World is always looking for volunteers and people to assist on our videos and photography. If you have a talent for film, media, and/or writing, please reach out to us below and we will see how we can fit you into our mission and works.


Sign Up For a Program

When programs in your area come, we will keep you in the loop about unique opportunities and events.

Volunteer opportunities

If you are personally moved by the content on this site, consider volunteering with us to see how can promulgate our mission forward.

Make a Donation

Film The World never profits from donations. We focus our funds on the families and their stories.