Meet Austin

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About Me

When I was younger, I noticed early on where my passion lies: debate and discourse. I always found discussion around controversial topics to be fascinating. My areas of focus, specifically, exist in the realm of politics, philosophy, religion, morality, and ethics. These interests led me to majoring in English and Philosophy at my undergraduate institution, Texas Christian University. I was active on campus in the student government, advocating for and crafting policy, and assisting on executive campaigns. I earned a reputation for challenging people's policy positions during chamber meetings.

Upon graduating, I accepted a position as a teacher with Teach For America. Currently, I am awaiting a decision for a Fulbright Scholarship, where I would study philosophy at the University of Reading under famed philosopher David Oderberg. Specifically, the area I would focus in on would be ethics and political philosophy, using the global refugee crisis as the subject on my thesis. 

My career trajectory is to become a constitutional lawyer and college professor, which I plan on pursuing by enrolling in a dual-degree program (JD-PhD.) upon completion of either a Fulbright or when my time with Teach For America has ended. One day, I will argue in front of the Supreme Court, and defend crucial legislation with broad impact on the United States.